Effect of Gambling - Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

It has been said much about the positive points of gambling but nothing about its negative effects. For most of the players casino gambling is not the source of extra earnings but a kind of pastime. Some gamblers are so dependent on gambling that it turns into a great problem for them and their friends.

Gambling addiction also called problem gambling is the obsession with casino gambling and inability to get control over any gaming activities. People who suffer from addiction of such kind can not stop risking and concentrate on it so that other social contacts have no importance for them.

Those who become addicted to gambling always need to play more and risk betting bigger amounts. Finally, they spend most of their free time playing and spend all their savings which they even can not afford to use. It was discovered that the main factor which draws problem gamblers is the excitement of land and online casinos gambling prizes.

According to the statistics, about 5 million of people in the USA suffer from gambling addiction and about 15 million of gamblers are risking to get addicted. In addition, 80% of adults said that they played. Every year more than $500 billion is spent on wagering in the United States. It is also known that those who play slots are more vulnerable to gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction is the big problem because it can lead a great harm to the psychological health of the gambler. Sometimes the gamblers that are addicted to gambling are lying, cheating and even stealing money and things and they get troubles not just with their relatives but also with the law.

These days gambling addiction can be treated. The initial step to overcome gambling addiction is accept it as most of the addicts cannot realize the disease and its scale. There exist many exclusive programs and gambling answer services developed to help gamblers and you can find many resources of help.

All in all, do not forget about the problems that may arise from wagering and try not to turn it into the basic entertainment. If you have friends who gamble, please, spread the information about gambling addiction!

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