Is Gambling Legal?

Legal Gambling Issues

Gambling is considered to be one of the dangerous industries that is why most counstries draw attention to the laws that regulate this activity. Still, in different countries and in different territories the attitude of the local authorities towards land and Internet gambling is also very different. That is why the question about online gambling legality can not be clearly defined. Yet, it must be admitted that most laws refer to ground gambling and don't deal with online casinos that is why the problem of legal gambling on the Net is not solved yet. Thus more and more online casinos with different types of slots, card games and attractive online casino bonus offers appear on the web.

State Gambling Laws in the USA

Now all gambling activities in the United States are regulated by the State Legislatures that's why in different states you may face different gambling laws which permit or prohibit gaming activities. In some of the states most gambling activities have been legalized still in some of them the locals are not allowed to participate in any lotteries or play card games. The state of Nevada is the most loyal when speaking about gambling. The state authorities have allowed to organize gambling in any form and turned this business into the most profitable source for the budget. On the other hand, the law in Utah bans gambling and considers any activities that involve wagering to be not legal in the state. Yet most of the state laws don't deal with online gambling.

Federal Gambling Laws in the USA

All efforts to prohibit Internet gambling in the United States failed as any law that would prohibit gambling activities over the Internet did not get the needed number of votes in the Senate. These days the only legal guide to online gambling is the federal laws which somehow may be assigned to gambling over the Internet. Thus, the major federal law relating online gambling is the Wire Wager Act that is used to control Internet gaming. It forbids the use of wire communications for betting. According to the Act any person who uses the wire communication facilities to wager, takes part in the sport betting, looks for any information regarding wagering or betting, violates the US law and will be fined or imprisoned.

The thoughts about the Wire Wager Act are different. According to some people, the Act covers just the sport betting and cannot be applied to casinos. Thus, nowadays some online casinos do not accept the US players. Moreover, some activists say that the use of wireless Internet is not the matter of the Act, though it sounds ridiculous. 

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